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I live on Lasqueti Island. A remote, off the grid island situated in the Georgia Straight of British Columbia. Although born and raised in Victoria BC, I instantly fell in love with the simple, back to nature, homesteading lifestyle that is Lasqueti.

Living off the grid can be challenging and is definitely hard work. We are responsible for our own power (solar), water (rain water collection/storage) and have to be self-sufficient. There is no "running to the store" as there are no stores or shopping on island. Our closest access to amenities is a one hour boat ride on our passenger only ferry (no cars) that takes us to Vancouver Island. A pleasant enough ride in calm weather but when the wind is blowing 40 km/hr with 15 foot waves it can be a little harrowing!

I bought my first DSL camera 2 years ago and since then have been obsessed with photographing nature and all that I see every day. We live on a mountain, surrounded by forests of Douglas Fir, Cedar, Maple and Alder. We own 10 acres but our property butts up against a 80 acres nature reserve. Every day I revel in watching the eagles, hawks, owls, ravens, wild deer and feral sheep.

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